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Scared of Spiders?

Having been asked for a bespoke order for a pagan headdress featuring a spiderweb design, amber beads and a jewelled spider, I thought I had better do a couple of trial runs first.

I hate spiders! Luckily I don't really have to deal with them at home. I have four Maine Coon cats who all consider them a bit of a delicacy. Spot spider, point cat at it, leave the room (because watching them eat the things totally turns my stomach), job done!

Anyway, a couple of practice runs later, I was actually quite happy with the end result.

They are actually really pretty; set on an eyepin, I will be able to string them and dangle them in my window next Halloween. Blackie looks quite good sitting in the bananas too - gave my brother a bit of a start anyway .

Blackie in the bananas ...

To see the finished pagan headdress, have a look in the Bespoke Gallery here

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